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Who is he anyway?

Kalifer is a Silicon Valley hardware and software engineer of some but not a lot of note. His real name, Gary Feierbach, can now be revealed since he no longer works for Apple Computer. Anyway, the name Kalifer Deil (pronounced dial) sounded a lot stranger and more to the tastes of a sci-fi audience so he adopted it. The name has no hidden meaning although you are welcome to try to find some and he will gladly say it's true if he likes it.

His career in the computer industry spans more than thirty years and he has more than a dozen patents to his name. He has worked on very large systems (Illiac IV) down to very small ones using a variety of embedded processors. He has done logic design; system, driver, firmware, embedded and application software; VLSI design, layout and verification.

His hobbies include architecture, sculpture, writing and music. It's the writing that this site will be primarily concerned with since this is the more serious of his spurious activities.


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