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One of a Kind!

This is a shortened version of "One of a Kind" on MySpace. Roko, an android made by The Company, relates his forays into our world and the consequences for his internal "instincts".

Flight of the Soul
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Act 1 Act 2 Act 3
by Kalifer Deil
Genre: Play - Science Fiction (Free)
Format: Most e-book formats
Total words: 9027
The play "Flight of the Soul" contrasts several points of view about eternal life but features a "brain uploading" concept proffered by Ray Kurtzweil and others including the author. In the play Ray Kurtzweil is thinly disguised as Ray Kurtz. Others are archetypes of other points of view except Bob Mover (a Bill Moyers type) and Mrs. Altevine, a rich widow in search of eternal life.

This play was inspired by the contents of the book "The Age of Spiritual Machines" by Ray Kurtzweil, his own Socratic style, the play "Copenhagen" by Michael Frayn, and the movie "My Dinner with Andre" by Wallace Shawn and Andre Gregory.
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