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The Digger

Point of View

A Message from Jamie the Cat

Dissertation on That

Down in the Mud

Second Time

Where's the Beef?

The Digger
© 2009 Kalifer Deil

I took a spade
and started to dig.
I hit an old shoe
and examined it through.

It's a size 8
and I'm a ten.
The worms seem to like it;
I'll bury it again.

A little later
I hit a sand bucket,
mostly rusted,
not much of it.

Now the hole
is about a yard deep,
a moist blue clay
around bare feet.

No new items
come into view,
just more clay
now a gray blue.

As I dig now
deeper and deeper,
the clay get grayer
and moisture seeper.

And I finish
just in time
for I see
the single file line.

It an old sea captain
that met his fate.
His heart gave out
from over weight.

Even though
he's in the ground,
the sea will seep
and him surround.

Point of View
© 2009 Kalifer Deil

The Sun didn't rise this morning
The Sun God must be cross with me
With all of us
We have done wrong, but what, we must see.

Did we not sacrifice our only llama?
Did we not leave a basket of corn?
Did we not say thanks for a bountiful harvest.
And the good luck that we were born?

What can we, must we, do?
We must talk to the others.
Sacrifice our virgin daughter?
That the duty of the mothers?

Our other two boys were taken,
The War God had his way.
At that time the priest said
Our last child, she could stay.

We must hail the high priest.
He will tell us what to do.
We must get the Sun back.
A sacrifice is needed, who?

The sky has brightened.
The priest looks down.
The leaves make little crescents
Spread upon the ground.

This is a sign
The high priest says.
A sacrifice is needed
It's your daughter, Xalis

Her heart is yours
Xalis ensures
Choking back tears
Xalis endures.

The sky is bright
The Sun shines full
The right decision made
He used the right rule.

Her virgin daughter
Taken by the sun
She has lost a daughter
But now, they will be one.

But the question still remains
Hanging pensive in the air.
Why does the Sun God need
A maiden so young and fair?

A Message from Jamie the Cat
© 2009 Kalifer Deil

Give it a rest you old bat,
I'm no longer a kitten I'm now a cat!

A kitten I was a day before last
but now I'm a cat and am I fast!

My feral hormones are kicking in.
I'm into the hunt, the kill, the win!

Keep your silly fluffy mouse.
Stick it on your fluffy blouse.

I'm after real game you see.
I'll catch it before you catch me!

Dissertation on That
© 2009 Kalifer Deil

What is that that that conveys,
Little or naught that omission displays.
That that is existential but not essential?
That that has some hidden potential?
But that is fat, a wordy gnat.
Press delete, zat! And that is that!

Down In the Mud
© 2009 Kalifer Deil

Take her down.
Have your Way.
Don't let her go.
Make her stay.

Don't lose you grip.
Don't let her slip.
Don't kiss her lip.
Don't feel her hip.

Control your emotions.
She looks sweet and sleek.
She can tear your arm off.
You are just a geek.

Aarg, damn, blast it!
She is breaking my neck.
Now I'm breathing mud.
I'm a total wreak.

Now I'm in the hospital
about to resolve
not to take another drink
with this college crowd.

Why did I do this?
Why did I agree
to mud wrestle an Amazon
twice as big as me?

Second Time
© 2009 Kalifer Deil

I listen to you
But you tell me nothing.

I talk to you
and there's no reply.

I pull on your sleeve
and you ignore my tug.

I leave your view
and watch from my blind.

You notice not
that you left me behind.

I return dismayed
knowing it doesn't matter,

when a parent's preoccupied
with another, a fat catter.

This time it's a husband new
nothing borrowed, nothing blue.

Dressed in green and not in white,
an income sought to make all right.

Where's the Beef?
© 2009 Kalifer Deil

Your mother's a russet Potato.
Your father is corn on the cob.
Your children are cherry tomatoes.
Don't you wish you had a job.


Copyright © 2009 Kalifer Deil. All Rights Reserved.