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Kalifer's Sayings

On Intelligence:
  • Intelligence will not make you rich unless your intelligence is about getting rich.
  •     Corollary: Intelligence will lead one to appreciate things that cost money over things that make money.
  •     Corollary: Being a genius is antithetical to being successful unless you're a genius at being successful.
  •     Corollary: Being intelligent does not make you rich but it can keep you from being poor.
  •     Corollary: Intelligence leads to interests, mostly not gainful.
  •     Corollary: Intelligence is like molasses, with effort, it goes where you put it.
  • Rubbers are best for those who refuse to use them.
  •     Corollary: Intelligence adds but stupidity multiplies.
  •     Corollary: Reverse evolution is the new norm.
  • Only luck can save one from one's own stupidity.
  • Only idiots regard a second chance the same as the first.
  • The higher the IQ, the greater the chance of self-deception.
  • Still waters are often shallow puddles.

On Improbability:
  • There's an infinite number of things that can go wrong but only a finite number of things that can go right.
  • In the infinitude of unlikely events many will happen with unnerving frequency.
  •     Tautology: A given improbable event isn't likely to happen.
  •     Corollary: Shit happens, but you'll not know its ilk.
  • I'm certain that nothing is certain.

On Loyalty:
  • Loyalty is warranted only when it's been earned.
  • Misplacing loyalty is like signing blank checks.

On Common Sense:
  • Common sense isn't.
  •     Corollary: Uncommon sense is.

On Nature:
  • Nature will correct our mistakes eventually, but we won't like it.
  • By the time the meek inherit the Earth no one will want it.
  • The children of the destroyers will become the victims of the avengers.
  • Nature's most powerful tool is throwing dice at DNA

On People:
  • Do unto others, but do something good first.
  • Consistency is the refuge of the insecure.
  • Hubris is the crumbling edge of manic certitude.
  • People are like icebergs, what you see is only the tip.
  •     Corollary: People tell you what they want you to know, not what you need to know.
  • It's easy to be generous with that which you don't want.
  •     Corollary: Giving shit is easier than taking it.
  • People? Expect the worse and never be dissappointed.
  • It seems the 80-20 rule has become the 95-05 rule. The area matters not.
  • The purveyors of misinformation generally come to the party early, speak loudly and masquerade authority.
  • Mediocrity is like surround sound while excellence is monaural.
  • Hear without listening, mind without thinking, sleep.

On Consumption:
  • Too much of a good thing, isn't.
  • A half-liter beats a pint by an ounce of indulgence.

On Politics:
  • Democracy is perfect since the people get what they deserve.
  • There are always examples to support any point of view no matter how bizarre.
  • The raptor on the roof watches, hungry for power, when fear pervades he pounces on individual freedoms.
  • With great power comes great responsibility to use it with great restraint.
  • It oftens takes the extremes to justify the means.
  • Republicanism: A mental illness often characterized by greed, paranoia, inflexibility, low empathy, religious zeal, hostility and repressed sexuality.
  • Democrats want to be loved, want equality at the expense of the gifted, have empathy to the point of pain ("I feel your pain"), believe that corporations are evil and banks are particularly evil, and that poor people are good, rich people are bad and the middle class is necessary to win elections.

On Judgement:
  • Kill a bird by putting it in a smaller cage.
  •     Corollary: How to start a revolution? Take back what you have already given.
  •     Corollary: Only give what you can permanently afford.
  •     Corollary: Getting used to more is easier than getting used to less.
  •     Corollary: Buy less and put your cars in the garage.
  • What you allow, you invariably get.
  •     Corollary: The more you allow, the more you get.
  •     Corollary: The less you allow, the less you get.
  •     Corollary: Allow nothing and you'll get much you don't want.

On The Future:
  • You must know one future to create another.
  •     Corollary: If you create the future you will know it.

On Philosophy:
  • It's the search for meaning that has value, not the meaning itself.
  • All problems are solvable if a problem is a question that can't be shown not to have a solution.
  • To those with burning passion, follow it; to those of lessor passion, fill a need.

Miscellaneous Thoughts:
  • Give me a home where the buffalo roam and I will give you boredom and isolation.
  • Want to go to Mars? Spend a week in Red Rock Canyon.
  • Blueberry muffins last longer because you can't tell when they're moldy.
  • I came in piece, please assemble.

Writer Decartisms

Sci-Fi Writer:
I think, therefore it will be.

Romance Writer:
I don't think, hormones are in control.

Real Life Writer:
I don't think, it is what it is.

History Writer:
I thought, "What did they think?"

Philosphy Writer:
I think about what I think about and then I think about that.

X in a Nutshell Writer:
I think, "Hello World!"

Stock Market TV Channel Writer:
What do you think?

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